The first authorized body drop is indicated in Mission Report 79.  The results being positive, Heflin requested permission to continue the practice in a letter to Colonel Haskell, OSS London.

By the (temporary) cessation of agent insertions in mid-September of 1944, the group had sent many hundreds of men, women and teams to France and Belgium.  In the 60+ years since those missions were flown an army of historians have struggled to identify who dropped who, who dropped where, and when they were dropped.  Our accounting here, like many others, is incomplete but we hold the hope that more can be identified as time passes.

Agent Insertions occurred twice more in March of 1944 with MR 109 (again with Heflin as pilot) and five nights later with MR 118 (Boone as pilot) the night after that. For the next three months most insertions were accomplished by hand-picked crews from the original two squadrons, but after July of 1944, when all four squadrons were fully operational, agents and teams were dropped by crews from all squadrons.

Since the early 90s, by which time most official archives were declassified, many of the participants have finally been identified.  The following pages though, will almost certainly be forever incomplete.

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Links in table below will display identified agent insertions in a spreadsheet format.

Apr 1944 Carpetbagger Drops
May 1944 Carpetbagger Drops 
Jun 1944 Carpetbagger Drops
Jul 1944 Carpetbagger Drops
Aug 1944 Carpetbagger Drops
Sep 1944 Carpetbagger Drops


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