Night Leaflet Squadrons

Earle J.   Aber,Jr.        - Pilot        ASN 0437946    (KIA)
Maurice J. Harper          - Copilot      ASN 02045063   (KIA)
Paul S.    Stonerock       - Navigator    ASN 0671187
Connie R.  Morton          - Boardier     ASN 0750044    (WIA)
Richard W. Billings        - Observer     ASN 02072336

Edward F.  Valley          - R.O.         ASN 13154682
Maurice J. Silber          - Gunner       ASN 12022573
Stanley    Dombrowski      - Gunner       ASN 37566428
Ralph W.   Ramsey          - Gunner       ASN 35567900
Fred W.    Thomas,Jr.      - Gunner       ASN 33440803
Joseph A.  Trexler,Jr.     - Gunner       ASN 34607410

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As with most Commanding Officers of the secret squadrons, Aber had a variable crew and flew at random times. However, the crew he had on his final and fatal mission has been well documented.  The names below are transcribed from an account of his incident found on microfilm roll AO606. Crew picture and incident plane below scanned from "Secret Squadrons of the Eighth". Names are not matched to faces.

Incident Aircraft: B17 43-37516 'Tondalayo'

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Aber Crew Personnel Project files *
Honor Roll and ABMC Listings
Microfilm Accident Report
Final Mission Report
Group Honor Roll Page

Universal Downloadable Data Sour
406th NLS Air Crew Card Index

406th NLS Squadron RZI Card File *

801st/492nd Personnel Mission Report Index (Jan-Sep44)
AAFRH-21 "AAF Aid to European Resistance"
Air Power History Article
Allied Leaflets Index
Aerospace Historian Article
"Carpetbaggers" by Parnell *
Carpetbagger C47 Missions (Jul-Sep 44)
Night Leaflet Squadrons Operations reports (Jun44-Jul45) *
"They Flew by Night" editor Robert Fish
Serial Number Index of B24s
Station 179 Operations Log
(handwritten Apr44-Jul45) *

Station 179 Operations Log (transcribed Sep44-Jul45)

Available on Request:
"Leaflet Operations during the 2nd WW" by James M. Erdmann
"Secret Squadrons of the 8th" by Carty (leaflet squadron portion only) *
"Carpetbaggers" by Ben Parnell

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