857th BS
Akerhielm Crew

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Eugene E.  Akerhielm    - Pilot        ASN T-63022
John R.    Davis,Jr.    - Copilot      ASN T-128330
Robert A.  Wolf         - Navigator    ASN 02070200
William J. Praetorius   - Bombardier   ASN 02068117

William S. Dooner,Jr.   - R.O.         ASN 12084354
Harold H.  Clausen,Jr.  - Engineer     ASN 39122888
Alfred S.  Atkins       - Gunner       ASN 6935946
Eugene F.  Huffman      - Gunner       ASN 35760452
Jack S.    Poth         - Gunner       ASN 42027993
Joseph E.  Robinson     - Gunner       ASN 34828245

Lawrence H. Blum - Substitute Gunner   ASN 38545050

Data Transcribed from Special Orders #236,dtd 13Dec44.

ASNs so-colored for EMs link to their NARA Enlistment Records.

Alphabetically first of the 850th/857th BS crews, they arrived at Harrington from the 70th Replacement Depot just prior to the departure of the 859th BS for detached service in Italy. Their first mission shows up in the Harrington Operations log on the night of 20/21 February 1945.  Their second mission the following night was scrubbed because of bad magnetos. Missions were hard to come by but picked up again in April and on the night of 15/16 April the crew landed at the B-53 field on the Continent with an engine out. Their date of return to the base is not recorded for this mission. Flying at least 14 combat missions while at Harrington, they are recorded last in the Ops log on the night of 26/27 April 1945. Jack Poth's personal papers indicate he was awarded the Air Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster, which would seem to indicate this was near their maximum number of combat flights. Akerhielm appears in the Late Period Log twenty-two times.

John R. Davis,Jr. c. 1945, copilot of the Akerhielm crew.

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Mission Report - 20Apr45



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