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406th Night Leaflet Squadron

Pictured above in the USA, sans names.

Pictured below on arrival at Cheddington, in December of 1944.

Standing, L-R:
Alfred D. Anderson        - Bombardier        ASN 0-783228
Gilman D. Blake,Jr.       - Copilot           ASN 0-828100 (DNB)
Dale R.   Allman          - Pilot             ASN 0-828888
Ralph J.  Roske           - Navigator         ASN 0-2063314
Edgar B.  Stamper,Jr.     - Tail Gunner       ASN 35226506
James H.  Mayes           - Waist Gunner      ASN 15344933

Front Row, L-R:
Dickrian  Kaloustian       - R.O.             ASN 31359342
Vernon R. Gauger           - Waist Gunner     ASN 36774541
Bruce H.  Nazary           - Engineer         ASN 34637382
Victor J. Schulze          - Gunner           ASN 36289100

Hyperlinked ASNs are from the National Archives Enlistment records.

The crew became Operational on 22 February 1945.

Blake was killed on a training flight the night of 20/21 January 1945.
The crew returned to the ZI from orders issued on 28 June 1945 along with a number of passengers in B24-J 42-50651.  

Picture credit: Vernon Gauger

Enlisted Passengers on ZI Return Trip:
Dorset W.  Aldous,Jr.   ASN 34652109        MOS 555 
Jesse H.   Bond         ASN 38060995        MOS 673
George F.  Brown        ASN 13156258        MOS 911
James K.   Ellis        ASN 38094696        MOS 555
Leslie A.  Gifford      ASN 32294365        MOS 683
Walter     Gizowsky     ASN 36726855        MOS 911
Peter M.   Gumb         ASN 32319874        MOS 590
Charles H. Poppell      ASN 34573704        MOS 747
Raby M.    White        ASN 6271543         MOS 750
Leo        Zucker       ASN 32413159        MOS 055

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