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859th BS

Names transcribed from Special Orders #120, 16Aug44, Station 179.

Wilfred B.  Boswell        - Pilot        ASN 0701875
Richard A.  Clarke         - Copilot      ASN 0829166
Carl S.     Christensen    - Navigator    ASN 0717136
Milton L.   Jackson        - Bombardier   ASN 0717060

Lawrence D. Lenahan        - Engineer     ASN 39398226
William G   Lohrstorfer    - R.O.         ASN 36595328
Harold      Grissen        - Gunner       ASN 36459307
Anthony R.  Lamanna        - Gunner       ASN 32800456
Oswald      Schmidt        - Gunner       ASN 19069590
Jean        Pratt          - Gunner       ASN 19186901 

ASNs so-colored for EMs link to their NARA Enlistment Records.

Status: Consolidation crew, completed six daylight bombing missions with North Pickenham daylight 492nd BG before being merged into the 492nd BG at Harrington. On 17 December 1944, the crew boarded B24 42-7563 and departed for Brindisi, Italy with the 859th BS on Detached Service. 

Crew Data: In the brief period before Operations ceased at Harrington on 17 Sep '44 the crew flew ten missions, only one an incomplete.  On mission #2193, they inserted Jedburgh Team JIM in the Aisne department of France.

Preferred Aircraft: B24H 42-95231

This aircraft was last recorded in the Harrington Operations Log on 30 Sep '44. Subsequent records do not show it at Harrington, leaving it's ultimate fate unknown.

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