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Left-click Station 179 Operations Log -(450401-450709) PDF format 12.5 Mb

Left-click Leuchars Ball Project Log -(Excel format, 4407-4409) 1.5 Mb

Left-click Leuchars Ball Project MRs -(ZIP format) 13.4 Mb

Left-click All Flyers Jan-Sep 1944 - (Excel format) 527 kb

Left-click 406th Night Leaflet Squadron - MRs in PDF format, Jun44-Jul45) 51 Mb

Left-click Honor Roll - All known project-related deaths 1943-1945,61.5 kb Excel format

Left-click Station 179 Late Period Operations Log  - (Excel format,1Oct44-9Jul45) 200kb

Left-click B-24 Index - Comprehensive accounting from all available sources, 41.3 Mb Excel format

Left-click SI missions to the Reich Jan45-May44 - Excel format 30kb

Note: You must have Excel 2010 for the Excel files, and Acrobat Reader for the PDF files.