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858th BS
Dunphy Crew

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The crew was assigned to the 858th BS in Special Orders #44, dated 26 Feb 1945. Theirs was a short stay and on 9 July 1945 they departed to the States.

Augustus    Alcorn,Jr.    - Gunner        ASN 13190279
Lorne J.    Belcher       - Gunner        ASN 15345392
Donald A.   Cohen         - Bombardier    ASN T-131769
Roland A.J. Delewinski    - R.O.          ASN 12084934
William N.  Dunphy        - Pilot         ASN 0835624
Eugene A.   Hinchberger   - Engineer      ASN 33694791
Gene R.     Madison       - Navigator     ASN T-136428
Alan A.     Plummer       - Gunner        ASN 14203055
Sherwood I. Rose          - Gunner        ASN 15128414
Brayton S.  Stevens       - Copilot       ASN 0836033

ASNs so-colored for EMs link to their NARA Enlistment Records.

The crew appears in the Late Period Log for 10 flights.

Additional crew data sources:
Dunphy Crew Personnel Files

Late Period Log

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