36th/856th BSs
Norton Crew

Above: Norton crew on liberty in New York, prior to their departure to the ETO.

L-R,Front row:
Moncy,Unidentified,Unidentified child,Walker.

The crew arrived at Harrington most probably in early Jul45. On the night of 14/15 August 1944 their plane crashed near the DZ, killing all but Sgt Gillikin. Moncy, the Radio Operator, survived for a short time after the crash. Local Maquis retrieved the bodies for burial, despite the presence nearby of the enemy. Gillikin was taken in by a local farmer until it was safe to turn him over to the Red Cross. The Maquis chief detailed an account in an undated letter to Serge Blandin.

Below: Crash site of B24 44-40172

Richard R. Norton    - Pilot            ASN 0696869    (KIA)
Connie L.  Walker    - Copilot          ASN 0821120    (KIA)
Lloyd L.   Anderson  - Navigator        ASN 0716315    (KIA)
Benjamin   Rosen     - Bombardier       ASN 0762947    (KIA)

John W.    Gillikin  - Engineer         ASN 34457627   (
James H.   Husbands  - Engineer         ASN 34649137   (KIA)
William H. Moncy     - R.O.             ASN 18191727   (
Wayman B.  Skadden   - Gunner           ASN 39408365   (KIA)

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Below: Wayman Skadden & canine companion on leave prior to overseas departure.


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