406th NLS
Ray Crew

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Very late period crew, becoming Operational on the 17th of May 1945. Even so, they managed ten entries in the Late Period Log, counting the fly-home on 8Jul45.

John M.    Ginador        - Navigator    ASN 01054586  
Robert A.  Codogni        - Bombardier   ASN T-128632
James H.   Baker,Jr.      - Copilot      ASN T-128632
Hosea M.   Ray            - Pilot        ASN T-63316

William J. Shanley        - Gunner       ASN 13188200
Vernon C.  Haugen         - Gunner       ASN 39387163
Charles L. Ray            - Engineer     ASN 33505055
Robert M.  Andrews        - R.O.         ASN 32892919
Billy G.   Biggs          - Gunner       ASN 13180653
Charles    Chepel         - Gunner       ASN 33430133

ASNs so-colored for EMs link to their NARA Enlistment Record.

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Ray Crew Personnel Files

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