856th BS/406th NLS
Sampson Crew

Picture Details: Mary Bartholomew

Note: Only William Bartholomew is shown in this picture taken at Chatham Field, Georgia on 21 July 1944 (463 BG). Reassignments were made and Bartholomew joined the Sampson crew prior to his arrival in the UK.

Charles     Beattie            - Pilot           
William S.  Bartholomew        - Copilot         
Robert H.   Niebling           - Navigator       
Theodore E. Ehlers             - Bombardier       

William D.  Mattia             - Gunner          
Paul C.     Hershey            - Gunner          
Theodore R. Chapin             - R.O.            
Charles S.  Fowles             - Engineer        
Herbert R.  Sisson             - Engineer        

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