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200 Figures of the French Resistance in the Sarthe

36th Bomb Squadron Home Page

389th BG

467th BG

492nd BG at North Pickenham (daylight BG)

64 Baker Street SOE site

801st/492nd BG Video

8th Air Force Rest Homes

Adam Matthew Publications (SOE Microfilm)

Air Commando Association

Air Ministry Reports (1939-1945)

Air Resupply & Communications Association

Airwar over Denmark

American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of WWII

Arctic War

Army Serial Numbers of WWII Explained!

A Taste of War by Alfred de Grazia

A WW II Allied Air Power Air Fronts Document Depository

Axis History Factbook

BBC WWII History

Bombardiers of WWII

Books of Thomas L. Ensminger

Books of RenÚ Defourneaux  

British National Archives

Clandestine Military Radio Equipment

Comic Book Advertisements from WWII

Cutaway Images of WWII

Daniel Stockton's B24 Best Web Site

Dogface's Guide to World War II Pinup Art

Eighth Air Force Historical Society, Georgia Chapter

Eureka Systems

Eyewitness to World War II

Friends of the 40s

French Resistance Participant Interviews

French Resistance Memorials

Freedom Team - Salute Someone Who Has Served

History of First Aid Nursing Yeomanry

Flying Clippers

French Resistance (Schoolnet Page)

Hans Moonen's WWII Propaganda Site

Harrington Aviation Museum

Insignia of the O.S.S.

Invasion of France Behind Enemy Lines

John Rado's Silk Maps  

Ju-88 Night Fighter Models & Armament

Keeney Crew - Norwegian Website

Kevin Gellerman Finds His Grandfather

Lady Grace - Night Leaflet Squadron

Manrico Ducceschi, Italian Resistant

Maquis of Ain (French)

Marguerite D.F. Knight - A Harrington Josephine

Marines in the OSS

Missing Air Crew Reports WWII

Moon Phases Information & Calendar

My Father's Secret War - Lucinda Franks

New Zealand WWII Oral History

Norway During WWII

Norway - War Resistance Peace

Official Violette Szabˇ GC Site

OSS Personnel Database (NARA)

OSS Reborn

OSS Society Web Site

O'Hara Crew - Norwegian Site 

Ohio Military Hall of Fame

Plan Sussex 1944

Portal to the French Resistance

Propaganda Leaflets of the Second World War

Retroraunch - The Women of Yesteryear(s)

Rype Mission (OSS)

Secret Papers (Pat Line, Escape & Evasion in WWll France) 

Sepals/Perianth Operation (Norway)

Skis and Daggers - Operation Rype

SOE French Section Members List

SOE in Scotland

SOE in the Far East

Songs of World War II

Special Allied Airborne Reconnaisance Force (SAARF)

Spy Radios of WWII

Stalag Luft I (Barth)

State & County QuickFacts

Story of Violette Szabo

Strictly G.I.

Tarrant-Rushton Aerodrome

The Airplane Crash On Skorve Mtn

The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives

The Blockade Runners

The Enemy in Your Pants

The History of Natzweiler-Strudhof  

The Joan/Eleanor Intelligence Transmission Device

The Royal Air Force - 10 Group Page

The Women of SOE

This Day In WWII 


U.K. Aviation Museums


United States Special Operations Command

U.S. Army Ordnance Museum

Valenšay SOE Memorial

Wikipedia Talk - Operation Carpetbagger

Women Air Force Service Pilots Lost on Duty

World War II AAF Contract Flying School Fields

World War II Escape Lines

World War II Military Situation Maps

World War II Paperless Archives

World War II Special Forces Honor Roll

World War II Special Operations Code Names

World War II Vehicles of Victory

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