856th BS

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Names transcribed from Special Orders #52,dtd 08Mar45 and other sources. The crew and presumably some passengers departed Station 179 at 1503 hrs on 9Jul45 heading to Valley,Wales in B24 42-63775 and their ultimate destination - the Zone of the Interior. The crew appears in the Late Period Log 18 times.

Melvin A. Friberg    - Pilot         ASN 0829193
Warren S. Leopold    - Copilot       ASN 0927721
Robert J. Chouinard  - Navigator     ASN 02065723
Willie S. Durant     - Bombardier    ASN 0928410

Robert L. Wekseth    - Gunner        ASN 6932351
James E.  Donnell    - R.O.          ASN 18041995
Frank A.  Palermo    - Engineer      ASN 32938867
Walter N. Waltman    - Gunner        ASN 34637023

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(handwritten Apr44-Jul45)
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