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Note: The death of any Association member should be reported to the Association
, the Association President or the Newsletter Editor before you send in 
your obituary. Your person's obituary will not be seen here or commented on, UNTIL I receive 
word from these persons that the notice of death has been received and the person has been
officially removed from the rolls of the Association.  If the deceased is not currently a member or has never been a member, I will process the obituary first-come first-serve as time permits without the need to report to the persons named above.

Purpose: This page is for all who may need the information herein.  While the main purpose is to quickly post obituaries of members of the Association and veterans of the Group of deaths as they occur, anyone may use the data here, if you do not want the data public, please inform the webmaster. Retroactive obituaries are certainly welcome and will be posted first-come first-serve like every other received.

Some preferences, for unity of appearance, apply:

A scan of an obituary, either newspaper, cut and paste from web, or mortuary copy.  If scanned from newspaper or mortuary, please scan at 300dpi or higher.

An obituary in your own words, in practically any word processor format in lieu of the above.

A picture would be nice, send in snail if you must, email at 300dpi or better.  We prefer a picture of the person as they were or as near in time to 1943-1945 as possible but will accept others as necessary.

All obituaries will be posted alphabetically by Surname, First Name, MI, end-tag (Jr, III, etc.) and ASN.

Regardless of format received, all obituaries will be converted to Adobe Reader format.  If you do not have this application installed on your PC you will not be able to view the obituaries.  A selection of versions of the reader is downloadable from our FTP site.  Simply click on the preferred version (higher is better) and answer "run" when the dialog box comes up.  Note that for purposes of worldwide availability via Google and other search engines, the text for an obituary will be hyperlinked to the PDF file.  The PDF file will reside on the FTP site in a hidden directory, not on the web site (I can't afford do that).

Incorrect spellings, misnomers, rank preferences and so forth.

In death, all are equal. While the obituary may contain any comments on rank desired, the text listing will not include this information.  The text listing will include only Surname, First Name, MI followed by ASN (tab delimited) if known. If not provided, or provided in a format Association members would not be familiar with (i.e. nickname, changed names, etc.), the name used while the person was in the Carpetbaggers, from records we have, will be used for the text name. ASNs will be listed as the 1943-45 records show them to be, and if in error, please provide a correction from a primary source.  In most cases we have multiple records of ASNs from 1943-45 data.

Privacy: If your email, address, phone number is included in the obituary it will be included online, that's part of the "rapid response" purpose of this page after all.  The only protection we provide for this is your common sense. It should be noted that we do not sell, distribute or otherwise broadcast this information to anyone, only readers of the obituaries (who will mostly be interested persons) will see the information. 

The webmaster's alternate contact points are always current at: MY CARD.

William T. Alford              ASN 0559512           Pilot, 788th/859th BS

Robert T. Byerley              ASN 0692761           Pilot, 850th/857th BS

Arthur Bogusz                  ASN 16108322          Engineer, Rabbitt Crew 406th BS

Raymond G. Hawley              ASN 11070480          Radar Mechanic, 36th/856th BSs

Paul A. Seifert                ASN 0717860           H2X radar, Fowke & Wonnell crews

Arthur C. Kiehl                ASN 19020565          Crew chief, 406th/858th BSs

John A. Nutt                   ASN 0696870           Pilot, 406th NLS

Edward R. Baush                ASN T65667            Pilot, 858th BS

Henry A. Majefski              ASN 0700029           Navigator, Melinat crew

Virgil R. Shoger               ASN 36635272          RO of the Velarde crew

Lester W. Anderson             ASN 31155441          RO for Archambault and Boone

Igor Petrenko                  ASN 32799267          Topographic draftsman

Ralph P. White, Jr.            ASN 0697751           Bombardier, Sandberg crew 850th/857th BSs

Kenneth A. Francis             ASN T-128556          Copilot, Webb and Phillips crews

Daniel A. Bradley              ASN 0762896           Bombardier, Lemke and Seger crews

Edwin G. Hasart                ASN 0693978           Pilot, 406th/858th BSs

Morneau, Napoleon A, Jr.       ASN 02068215          Bombardier, Orban crew, 858th BS

Sandberg, Bernard A.           ASN 0693069           Pilot, 850th/857th BS

Walter, Robert F.              ASN 34207326          Instruments 850th/857th BSs

Carl S. Christensen            ASN 0717136           Navigator, Boswell crew

John W. Fox                    ASN 0697410           Pilot, 788th/859th BSs

William C. Knipscher           ASN 0728185           Navigator, Warn Crew

Bernard M.W. Knox              ASN 0856308           Jed Team GILES (MR 952)

Jerome Crance                  ASN 0679050           Pilot, 406th BS

John W. Fox                    ASN 0-697410          Pilot, 788th/859th BS

Bestow R. Rudolph              ASN 0659842           Pilot, 406th/858th BS

Leif Oistad                    ASN 32502646          OSS OG / NORSO

William G. Wittman             ASN 0749375           Copilot, Munn Crew

Harold R. Downs                ASN 37206778          1077th Signal Company

William E. Ebner               ASN 0685298           36th/856nd BSs,Ward Crew

Everett L. Weidner             ASN 1629861           R.O. Jackson Crew, 36th BS

Charles L. Spirk,Jr.           ASN 33685906          Gunner,406th NLS

Frederick Cardozo                                    Freelance-Gaspard circuit

Clarence O. Novak              ASN 37559976          Gunner, Mulligan Crew

Nicholas F. Robolino           ASN 32764049          Radar Section


1st Qtr 2012 (Spring Edition

Homer G. Collier  (DOD 1961)   ASN 37312824          Engineer Simon Crew

John J. Oling                  ASN 0807501           Pilot 850th/857 BSs

Charles C. Fluharty            ASN 13141340          Gunner, Sacke Crew   

Howard W. Eveland              ASN 39618603          Airplane Armorer   

Felix  G. Price                ASN 0834496           Pilot, 856th BS

Chester Ambrose                -----------           Brother of George Ambrose

Kenneth L. Foster              ASN 18054514          MOS 502 - Admin NCO

Melvin H. Davis                ASN 0783316           Bombardier Anderson and Nutt crews


2nd Qtr (Summer Edition)

Patrick J. Coughlin            ASN W-21322705         352nd Service Squadron

Leo G. Monaghan                ASN 37674292           850th/857th BSs Photography Unit

Andrés Gérard                  S/N FFL-55933          Agent of the FFI

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